Monday, June 13, 2011

What does pirates and vehicle license have in common? Colour.

And i am dead serious. You will see! This is another polish from the package i got few days ago and i must admit i was not sure about getting this one. There is already million pictures and swatches around internet but mostly they don't attract me, colour looks so dead and boring. But i quickly changed my mind. I like it even though i think it really does not go well with my tan and skin undertone. But i see myself wearing it in foggy autumn weather.

This is OPI Stranger Tides from their latest Pirates of the Caribbean collection with top coat. I thought i will need to do three coats but in the end i only used two - i am a lazy person. First one was thin and the second one was a bit thicker. There is no visible nail line, no brush marks just perfect coverage. So i don't really know why most of other bloggers use three coats. Waste of polish and time (in my opinion).

Now to the vehicle license. Above on the right side you can see bottle and swatch pictures with two years old standard european vehicle license. It was actually a coincident discovering the similarity. After i polished my nails i needed to go somewhere with my car so i picked the documents up in i was like, oh, this one goes well with my nails. And as far as i am concerned those are dupes. Also those two pictures are the closest to the real life shade. There is too much green on the others which were all taken inside, with flash.

Now i really want the rest of this collection too. So i'm looking for sponsors (it's a joke, but not really...).


  1. Hehe! Pa res zelo paše k prometnemu :)

  2. Cool. Our old driving license was pink. More girly, but then it's a truth universally acknowledged that women are better (&safer) drivers, haha.

  3. Oh, I love it. The only one I want from this collection, but it's a great one. I'm probably getting the Sinful Colors dupe in a swap, so I don't have to spend money on O.P.I.. :)

  4. hehe pa res enaka barva :) haha....zanimivo:)

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