Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Khm, any title ideas?

Seriously. I have no idea for the title right now but i desperately want to show you some stuff. I wore the same polish twice in one month, i made a nail polish ring and also a clever way to fix your damaged manicure. Lets start on the beginning.

Less then one month ago i wore this red polish and fell in love with it, for me it is a perfect shimmery red. Bright, easy to apply, classy, almost a one coater, good wear (wore it for a week first time around), nice price, interesting but useful brush. The only down side is that this one comes from a limited edition. I present to you Catrice Looking Sunkissed, two thin coats over base coat topped with top coat. 

All above photos are taken under direct sunlight. Do you see all that shimmer? It's just perfect. There are some visible brush strokes with this one but that doesn't really bother me. Also the brush itself is not a standard Catrice one, here it is wide, fat and curved at the bottom. Still, when you get a hold of it, it gets really easy to handle - just look at the application, there was no need for a clean-up!

Moving on. I used this polish a week ago on my much longer nails. I don't think they were ever that long before. But i must say i miss the squared shape, to sad i can't pull it off with that length. All new photos are taken with flash during night. The wear was worse this time around, i used a different base coat and also my hands were under more stress (work and all that). I got serious tip wear after one day and i was lazy so i just fixed my tips with Milani Purple Gleam and it took me exactly 7 minutes including top coat and drying time! And it looked better in real life (picture is bottom left). 

Also you can see my very first nail polish ring. I ordered some cabochons and ring bases from eBay and decided to first try and see how it all works out. I used my fake nails glue (had no other in the house) and it worked out quite neat. I used three coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps and a coat of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers (yes, i have that polish and i need to show it to you, i know) for the darker background. The violet particles you see on the bottom right picture is actually the hexagonal glitter from DL polish. I have no idea why it turned out violet, in the bottle it's just red.

How do you like this one? What about the fixing of tip wear idea? And the rings, any colour combination ideas? Are you also creative in this area?

See you soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Killer combo or killer nails?

So. As you have noticed i don't take this blogging thing really seriously. And because of that i decided i won't promise you anything anymore. I will just post when i will feel like doing it. No pressure on me (or you) so let's just take it easy, right? And today i feel like doing it so put your sunglasses on!

The beginning of this one goes three days back, so yes, it started with a Halloween manicure. I was lazy so i just wore a bright orange on my nails and the rest of my 'costume' was all black. I did 3 coats of OPI Flit a Bit and also used a top coat. Because there was no time for base coat it all started chipping next day so i just fixed everything a bit. Also i added a thin coat of China Glaze Orange Marmalade to hide my not so precise repairing. Loved the result, also got some positive comments about my nails (including when one of my good friends marked my nails as 'real porno nails' - i am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing...sarcasm off). And today i wanted more so i just used Depend Cracked Effect 50007 over the whole thing. I can't wait for tomorrow when i will have to remove all that.

Taken inside, bad lightning, flash, shaky hands - that put together is a recipe for sucky pictures. But i really feel the need to share them. 

How do you like this combo? And the length? Also i have a new more rounded shape. My nails started to roll on the corners when they were filled straight so i just decided to lose the corners and go with more pointy shape.

Have fun until next time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oldie-goldie quick

I don't have much time right now so i will post a manicure that was in my edited but not posted folder for about three months. Since then i wore this polish at least four times, once even on my toes - that is how much i like it! It seriously is amazing - look at it!

The best thing about this one is that i can use it when i am in a hurry. Drying time is super fast, application a piece of cake, if you mess up and go to close to the cuticle nobody will notice. This is two thin coats of Milani 3D Holographic and also the name of the shade is HD. I added top coat just for longer wear, otherwise when i finished with my right hand the left one was perfectly dry (yes, i am right-handed and i allways paint my left hand first).

Pictures are all taken with flash and the holographic effect is even more visible on the sun. 3D was my first Milani polish, after that i bought few more and they did not disappoint. 

How do you like this brand? And a fun one: are you left or right-handed and which hand do you paint first?

Happy commenting! And thank you for reading!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carrie is Hard to Resist

I have so much fun doing Essence manicures. They are cheap, durable, easy to fix, lots of shades available, new stuff all the time and even combining names for a title is super fun! Just for the record - i saw the fitting names after i polished my nails.

And here is a fun story. I bought this new Essence Hard to Resist shade (and quite a few others too, i admit) few days ago. Next day i was in a hurry and late for work but still wanted to apply the whole sandwich (two coats of base, two colour, one fast dry top) and decided on skipping the fast dry part, thinking that the manicure is already dry. But it wasn't and i got some bumps and chips very soon. This drives me crazy! So during my lunch brake i went in the nearest store, bought new bottle of the same shade and a fast dry top. While i was waiting at the cash desk i saw a huge container field with old Essence Carrie and Mr. Big, toughed they look cute and bought them too. I added one light coat of glitter and my new top coat - and voila, this is what came out!

And i like it! See how light reflects against this glitter. And how cute the blue shimmer is. All pictures are taken in the late evening sun. Sadly, i had no time earlier that day. I am thinking of using matt top coat over it but haven't decided jet.

Does a chipped manicure drives you crazy too? Or you just don't care? Do you maybe wear a polish bottle in your manicure colour with yourself all the time?

Thanks for reading and for all your comments!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My first: Pink Wednesday!

This is really not what i have on my nails right now as i am still wearing the Iconic manicure. But i have time (well not really, i should study cause i have my last exam tomorrow, you all know how that avoidance shit works) and i think this pink combination from about a month ago is worth posting. And its wednesday.

Cute right? I used two coats of OPI Flower-To-Flower, one of my favourite pinks. I just love that silver shimmer! Then i dotted black spots on my tips, i believe i used Alessandro 384 for that. With a top coat i sealed the 'design' and rocked the polka french for a few days.

Taken inside, with flash. The middle swatch is from quite a while back, i guess the picture was taken more than half a year ago. I added it because i think it is most colour accurate, this one in seriously pink in real life! I miss my perfect cuticles from that time (note to myself: i seriously need to start moisturizing regularly) but i hate the V shape i wore back then.

Do you like this? How do you use your dotting tools?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cult. Iconic. Perfect. Red. Love.

Today i will show you lots of photos and won't talk much. Pictures really say everything that should be said. First i give you an official description which is true to the last word. Amen.

"ICONIC is a deep berry creme with gorgeous red flakes and hidden gold shimmer throughout. Iconic is destined to become an instant classic." (Cult Nails)

I first polished my nails with a vampy red shade and hated the result. And while i am lazy i tried to save my manicure by layering. I used a polish that impressed me with it's beauty before: Cult Nails Iconic, one coat. Now to the picture spam.

Left side is shade and indirect sunlight, everything else is direct sunlight. My cuticles are still in a bad condition, i know. Sorry for that.

Those pictures are from a month or so back, my nails are shorter, cuticles suck even more. There is no layering, only two pure thin coats of Iconic. I wore this one for 5 days with no chips and minimal tip wear which is like a miracle (at least for my nails)!

Bottle and close-up. Left is shade, right is sun. Lower row are actual nail photos from the layered combination.

How do you like this one? For me it is a favourite already! And about my nails: do they look better short or long? Thanks for reading. Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very Berry Edward

And i am back. At least i think/hope/intend to do so! I was seriously busy for some time (mainly because i worked like crazy). In combination with my laziness, lack of inspiration and very hot weather my blog was the last thing i thought about during this absence. Sorry for that. However i took pictures of my manicures quite regularly, so lots of editing ahead. But lets go back to the polish part shall we.

Crazy colour combination and even crazier name association, huh? But i love it! On sunlight this one explodes and the effect is also really nice in the late evening under city lights. This is two coats of Essence Very Berry (over base coat) which is very opaque, one thick coat should do. Because the base colour bores me i added two heavy coats of Essence Edward and my usual top coat. The combination of clear base with small round silver, larger hexagonal light blue and big square teal glitter makes my day. I see myself wearing this one regularly.

As you can see my ability to evenly polish my nails with glitter really sucks. Especially the tip of my ring finger is very filled. Oopsy daisy. I need to practice on that. Otherwise the middle picture is taken in shadow, all the others are under direct sunlight.

How do you like this combo? Which base would you put under Edward?