Monday, June 6, 2011

Cosmic and where the hell did the sun go?

Today i was painting my nails in the morning as i was really tired past evening. The sun was shining like crazy and i was seriously happy that i could photograph this beauty properly. But no. Rain started two minutes after i applied top coat on my last nail. After some ten minutes sun came out again but for mare 5 seconds and i only managed to take one crappy sunny picture.

This is two coats of Eyeko Cosmic Polish with top coat, outside, right after rain stopped (= bad lighting). It is beautiful, glossy, deep black creme with small holographic glittery particles. Application is a perfection. In real life glitter is visible in low light too and when sun hits it, well then the cosmic side comes out. Sadly my camera can't pick those particles at all. It reminds me of Milky Way, it really has a fitting name.

The middle one is the sunny one, left side is taken outside in the shade and right side inside, with flash. As i said, this one is a beauty and it obviously doesn't want to be photographed. The only thing i don't like about it is that the bottle is small (8,5 ml) and brush is quite thin.

Have a short monday!

EDIT: Sunny pictures and a blurry video!

So today we have sun and i still have the same manicure. There is a tad of tip wear but nothing serious so i decided to picture it again. Now the small glitter is actually visible but in real life there is more of it reflecting under sunlight! Video is taken with mobile phone, the effect is most visible on the middle finger but still can't be compared to real life situation. Anyway, this is the best i can do with my photographic skills and equipment.


  1. Za tega se ne morem odločiti, ali ga potrebujem... A se te holo bleščice na soncu dobro vidijo in zaživijo? A ga je vredno nabavit?

  2. Tale je super, ja. :) Ampak jaz sem sucker za te space lake, ne morem se jih naveličat. :)

  3. @Biba bleščice na soncu in tudi pod navadno lučjo zelo lepo zaživijo, so kar dobro opazne, kljub temu da jih ni toliko kot v pravih holo in gliter lakih...Mislim da ga rabiš =)