Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very Berry Edward

And i am back. At least i think/hope/intend to do so! I was seriously busy for some time (mainly because i worked like crazy). In combination with my laziness, lack of inspiration and very hot weather my blog was the last thing i thought about during this absence. Sorry for that. However i took pictures of my manicures quite regularly, so lots of editing ahead. But lets go back to the polish part shall we.

Crazy colour combination and even crazier name association, huh? But i love it! On sunlight this one explodes and the effect is also really nice in the late evening under city lights. This is two coats of Essence Very Berry (over base coat) which is very opaque, one thick coat should do. Because the base colour bores me i added two heavy coats of Essence Edward and my usual top coat. The combination of clear base with small round silver, larger hexagonal light blue and big square teal glitter makes my day. I see myself wearing this one regularly.

As you can see my ability to evenly polish my nails with glitter really sucks. Especially the tip of my ring finger is very filled. Oopsy daisy. I need to practice on that. Otherwise the middle picture is taken in shadow, all the others are under direct sunlight.

How do you like this combo? Which base would you put under Edward?

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  1. Ta kombinacija je preveč ubijalska zame, zato je ne bi nosila, pa če me tepeš. :D Pod Edwarda bi dala kvečjemu temno moder shimmrast lak. Potem pa na božično zabavo se afnat z lučkami :D