Monday, June 13, 2011

What does pirates and vehicle license have in common? Colour.

And i am dead serious. You will see! This is another polish from the package i got few days ago and i must admit i was not sure about getting this one. There is already million pictures and swatches around internet but mostly they don't attract me, colour looks so dead and boring. But i quickly changed my mind. I like it even though i think it really does not go well with my tan and skin undertone. But i see myself wearing it in foggy autumn weather.

This is OPI Stranger Tides from their latest Pirates of the Caribbean collection with top coat. I thought i will need to do three coats but in the end i only used two - i am a lazy person. First one was thin and the second one was a bit thicker. There is no visible nail line, no brush marks just perfect coverage. So i don't really know why most of other bloggers use three coats. Waste of polish and time (in my opinion).

Now to the vehicle license. Above on the right side you can see bottle and swatch pictures with two years old standard european vehicle license. It was actually a coincident discovering the similarity. After i polished my nails i needed to go somewhere with my car so i picked the documents up in i was like, oh, this one goes well with my nails. And as far as i am concerned those are dupes. Also those two pictures are the closest to the real life shade. There is too much green on the others which were all taken inside, with flash.

Now i really want the rest of this collection too. So i'm looking for sponsors (it's a joke, but not really...).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Savita goes Euphoric with picture spam

Yesterday i got a package. A really special package from a fellow nail polish lover. There were five beautiful nail polishes inside. And i just had to use two of them immediately.


Amazing right? I started with two coats of Zoya Savita and as i knew i want it to last i also applied top coat. Application, coverage, drying time, brush, colour - everything is perfect with this one! But i wanted more. So i added one thin coat of Liquid Euphoria Euphoric. And was blown away. Seriously, can something more beautiful than this be bottled? The above picture is taken under indirect sunlight.

Now to the picture spam. This one shows so many colours and reflections it is hard to tell. Violet base with duochrome shimmer going from turquoise, to dark and light green, sometimes it even flashes navy blue. I decided to do three collages (they are all clickable). First one is taken in moderate sunlight under different angles right after whole thing was dry. Second one is taken inside, with flash. Third one is taken after one day of wear under strong sunlight.

Do you like this one as much as i do? Frankly i have some troubles understanding how someone is able to give something that amazing away but at the same time i am glad people like this exists! Thank you darling! Oh, i almost forgot - does anyone know where i can get more/other Liquid Euphoria polishes?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue, matte, one coat, shimmer - can you wish for anything better?

First i need to tell you that i edited my previous post with some sunny pictures and a video. Go check it out! 

And for today i have something older. This polish really is a dream come true. My first ManGlaze nail polish was Fuggen Ugly and it was a huge disappoint for me. Dull, with bad brush and sticky application. But i decided to give the brand a second chance with this blue one. Now i am in love.

If you believe it or not this is only one coat of ManGlaze Royal Matterimoaning (i checked the name ten times, i admit) applied over base coat. I wore this manicure for five days with no chipping and minimal tip wear. How crazy is that? Also brush is fine and application is as smooth as it can possibly be.

All the pictures are taken with flash under bad lighting but show the real thing. I still need to try it with top coat but i am positive it will look great with all that shimmer in it! I believe this is one of my favourite blues.

Have fun!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cosmic and where the hell did the sun go?

Today i was painting my nails in the morning as i was really tired past evening. The sun was shining like crazy and i was seriously happy that i could photograph this beauty properly. But no. Rain started two minutes after i applied top coat on my last nail. After some ten minutes sun came out again but for mare 5 seconds and i only managed to take one crappy sunny picture.

This is two coats of Eyeko Cosmic Polish with top coat, outside, right after rain stopped (= bad lighting). It is beautiful, glossy, deep black creme with small holographic glittery particles. Application is a perfection. In real life glitter is visible in low light too and when sun hits it, well then the cosmic side comes out. Sadly my camera can't pick those particles at all. It reminds me of Milky Way, it really has a fitting name.

The middle one is the sunny one, left side is taken outside in the shade and right side inside, with flash. As i said, this one is a beauty and it obviously doesn't want to be photographed. The only thing i don't like about it is that the bottle is small (8,5 ml) and brush is quite thin.

Have a short monday!

EDIT: Sunny pictures and a blurry video!

So today we have sun and i still have the same manicure. There is a tad of tip wear but nothing serious so i decided to picture it again. Now the small glitter is actually visible but in real life there is more of it reflecting under sunlight! Video is taken with mobile phone, the effect is most visible on the middle finger but still can't be compared to real life situation. Anyway, this is the best i can do with my photographic skills and equipment.

Friday, June 3, 2011

645 nails it, sadly it has no name

I seriously hate it when absolutely gorgeous polishes are not properly named but only have some stupid random number on their label/bottle. And i don't understand brands that do that - they could sell much more if they would actually named their polishes with unique and sexy names. I must admit i sometimes buy a certain polish just because of the name - the first brand that comes to mind is OPI (predictable ha?).

Back to the numbers. This is Catherine Arley 645. I first applied two coats but was not really satisfied with the result so i applied one more and added fast drying top coat. As the weather here still sucks - the sun was shining for like 4 minutes in a whole day - i was only able to capture it on natural light. But i was interested in how this one looks under flash so i took few of these too (top and bottom right). 

Yes i do see holographic to - at the same time i am hopping for some sun tomorrow, i really want to see how this one will turn out under sunlight! As you can see it is pretty glossy and really pink (even pinker in real life, hard to capture), the shimmer particles look like silver glass flecks, i think the finish is similar to OPI DS collection. I love it and want more! Catherine Arley impresses again.

Do you ever buy nail polish just for the name? Do you own any from Catherine Arley? How do you like it? 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Limited time for painting nails and quick 5-minute manicure

The title says it all. I really have much less time for me, myself and my manicures lately. I just started working (summer job) daily and my work includes a lot of water and no possibilities to use hand cream - so my hands are in a bad condition, also cuticles are very dry.

But i still polish my nails. This is 2 coats of OPI DS Limited with top coat. In real life this one comes much more beige and not so orange, flash actually destroyes the real shade. The holo effect can also be seen in a muted day light, you don't need much light for it to actually show. Sorry for no sunny and shade pictures, weather here is terrible and also i painted my nails five minutes before i went to bed!

Yes, this manicure took me about 5 minutes and this polish is one of my go-to ones when i am tired and want to paint my nails as fast as i can. Why: brush is the best so aplication is very precise (no fixing), formula is dreamy, dries quickly, needs only to thin coats (or one thick) for perfect coverage... Well in fact everything is perfect. I use as thin layers as possible and add a fast drying top coat - my manicure is fully dry in less then 10 minutes and i can go to bed!

Which polish do you use when you are in a hurry?