Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Limited time for painting nails and quick 5-minute manicure

The title says it all. I really have much less time for me, myself and my manicures lately. I just started working (summer job) daily and my work includes a lot of water and no possibilities to use hand cream - so my hands are in a bad condition, also cuticles are very dry.

But i still polish my nails. This is 2 coats of OPI DS Limited with top coat. In real life this one comes much more beige and not so orange, flash actually destroyes the real shade. The holo effect can also be seen in a muted day light, you don't need much light for it to actually show. Sorry for no sunny and shade pictures, weather here is terrible and also i painted my nails five minutes before i went to bed!

Yes, this manicure took me about 5 minutes and this polish is one of my go-to ones when i am tired and want to paint my nails as fast as i can. Why: brush is the best so aplication is very precise (no fixing), formula is dreamy, dries quickly, needs only to thin coats (or one thick) for perfect coverage... Well in fact everything is perfect. I use as thin layers as possible and add a fast drying top coat - my manicure is fully dry in less then 10 minutes and i can go to bed!

Which polish do you use when you are in a hurry?

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