Friday, June 3, 2011

645 nails it, sadly it has no name

I seriously hate it when absolutely gorgeous polishes are not properly named but only have some stupid random number on their label/bottle. And i don't understand brands that do that - they could sell much more if they would actually named their polishes with unique and sexy names. I must admit i sometimes buy a certain polish just because of the name - the first brand that comes to mind is OPI (predictable ha?).

Back to the numbers. This is Catherine Arley 645. I first applied two coats but was not really satisfied with the result so i applied one more and added fast drying top coat. As the weather here still sucks - the sun was shining for like 4 minutes in a whole day - i was only able to capture it on natural light. But i was interested in how this one looks under flash so i took few of these too (top and bottom right). 

Yes i do see holographic to - at the same time i am hopping for some sun tomorrow, i really want to see how this one will turn out under sunlight! As you can see it is pretty glossy and really pink (even pinker in real life, hard to capture), the shimmer particles look like silver glass flecks, i think the finish is similar to OPI DS collection. I love it and want more! Catherine Arley impresses again.

Do you ever buy nail polish just for the name? Do you own any from Catherine Arley? How do you like it? 

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