Sunday, May 29, 2011

Father noticed a manicure and favourite nail polish colour

Yes, you read just right. Today for the first time my father noticed the colour worn on my nails, well he first time commented about it. And the comment was quite appropriate: 'Don't you have anything brighter? This looks like someone just died!'. I was a bit shocked but it is a fact, this colour is not really season fitting. In my defence, i thought today will be rainy and cold (but it was extremely sunny and hot).

This is two coats of Butter London Big Smoke with top coat. Again i had time to do some daylight pictures. The only one taken in the shade is bottom right. (And i have no idea what happened on my index finger - it is the only one with noticeable shrinkage.) The formula is great but application is quite tricky, again i blame the brush that is thin, short and holds a small amount of polish so i had to dip it twice for some nails. What i like about this colour is that it is really dark but still blue all the time, even in low light. It's packed with small lighter blue shimmer that is also visible in all exposures. I find it gorgeous but i will mark it as autumn or winter polish - even though i usually never do this.

At this point i can also tell you that blue is my favourite nail polish colour, whenever something blueish comes out i just need to buy it, currently i would say one third of my stash is blue. But lately i have mostly worn other shades so i believe my blue phase will come back soon. Otherwise (non polish related) my absolute favourite is grey.

Which is your favourite (nail polish) colour? Do you sort your stash according to season?
I wish you a nice start of the week!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long post with Daltonista who and first franken

Today i have a ton of things to show you and write about. Lets just start with me explaining my blog name and banner design. Are you ready? Meet Dalton!

Everything is much clearer with just one picture, right? So this is a dog, my dog, to be exact. He is my greatest joy, nail polish comes in second. He is 3 and a half years old pure breed Manchester Terrier named Mantera Dalton with calling name Dalton. I was not the one who named him but i liked the pedigree name so i decided to keep it. I had no idea what it means. But soon people started commenting something about 'Braća Dalton' (that would mean 'Dalton brothers' in translation) so i had to use Google. And yes, if you are a few years older than me you probably remember Luky Luke cartoons and the 4 brothers called The Daltons. I for instance never heard of them before.

But that still doesn't explain the picture of a paw. Read further. We have a unit that is called Dalton (Da) - it has something to do with atomic mass and is used in every single chemistry book i know of. I of course first noticed it only after my dog was named that way. And this unit leads us to a person called John Dalton (the unit is named after him). English chemist, meteorologist and physicist that also (among many other things) discovered colour blindness, sometimes called daltonism in his honour. 

The Daltons, John Dalton, daltonism (source:

And if you put one and one together, you can make sense of my banner and name and its funny meaning in nail polish world. All in all, i have a dog named after a person after whom colour blindness is called. I hope the connection between the name and the dog paw with different black and white nails is obvious. EDIT (additional explanation): daltonista = colour blind woman, is writing a blog about colours, black and white claws is how that woman sees polished nails (paradox?), at the same time name and paw are a 'tribute' to my dog. And i am not colour blind!

(Side note: And we have more. Clive Owen as Dalton Russell in Inside Man, Jesse and Festus wrestling team, The Dalton Brothers band, American Old West gang, British actor that i know from series Chuck, Moon crater and about 20 places.)

Now back to the polish part of this post. On the pictures of my dog - that were taken yesterday - you can also see my toes. I am wearing my first ever franken polish called Teenage Dream (very original, i know). The above manicure is from some time back. This is two coats with top coat. Bottom left is comparison with OPI DS Reflection. Top right are the ingredients: Sally Hansen Hot Magenta, H&M Hot Minnie and S-He 427.

I warned you that this entry will be long. Hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prismatic / Holographic finish, my favourite

Today i am really not in the mood for a long post as my last few days were quite busy. Also, i have the same nail polish on from monday, which is very unusual for me! Regularly i change it every two days while it chips very quickly (my nails are weak and thin), but this one sticks on my nails really good. Not even a single chip for four days, only a bit of tip wear. So i am sticking with it for one more day.

But really, why not? The colour is perfect and the holo effect is seriously strong! This is Catherine Arley 677. I only applied one coat, with base and top coat. Nail line is visible in the shade if you look really closely (left side of the first collage), in the sun, holo awesomeness comes out and there is no way you can see trough it! Application was a bit tough while the brush is somehow wonky, otherwise the formula is great!

Also i was able to take sunny pictures. First picture and first collage were both taken in day light (obviously). The second collage are night pictures taken with flash. The holo effect is shown stronger there but under certain angles you can notice the same intensity in the sun too. All in all, i am impressed! Big time.

Which is you favourite prism/holo nail polish? I will try to post mine as soon as possible!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shatter, Graffiti Nails, Cracked Effect... i love them all!

Seriously. I believe that nail polish world divides in two groups. One consists of people that are like me and the other one, well lets call them haters. Why such enthusiasm, you ask? Lets start with that than. But first some pictures of a fun combination. Essence Found My Love (two coats) with Depend Cracked Effect Pink and top coat.

And now i give you 3 reasons. They are put randomly not by importance.

Everybody, and i really mean everybody notice your manicure. Even guys that don't care if your nails are bright pink or neon orange. Even people that usually don't talk with you stop you and comment: 'Hey, how did you do that?'. Even small kids that don't know what manicure is, play with you nails! How cool is that?

You can hide a worn off base polish if it has cracks, chips or white tips! Just put some cracks on and nobody will notice that you have the same manicure for 7 days. Comes in handy when you are in a hurry and don't have time for the whole thing. Also it dries really quickly, you don't even need a top coat.

You have just painted your nails with super cute nail colour that suits everybody. But you. (Does that happen to you too?) You are really angry and want to start from scratch with something different. Don't - you are stressed, you hands start to shake and your next manicure will look even worse. Just apply one coat of suitable crackle to hide the base colour and you are good to go!

Above are some combinations i wore. Top left is OPI Lunch at the Delhi with OPI Black Shatter - here i hate the base colour, it doesn't suit me at all. Bottom left is Zoya Pinta with OPI Silver Shatter - not the best result, i guess that the layer of shatter was too thick. Middle one is my favourite China Glaze 2NITE with  Depend Cracked Effect Blue - the holo effect really comes out nicely in the sun. Top right is Sally Hansen Celeb City with OPI Black Shatter tips with top coat - i didn't use any tape, tips are made free hand. Bottom right is China Glaze Orange Marmalade with IsaDora Graffiti Nails Black Tag - this is one of my first manicures ever from about 8 months ago.

Do you know any other good reasons why to be a fan of cracked manicures? Are you maybe a hater? Please, do comment bellow! And have a great time combining base and top colours. It's fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A start with new nails, bad pictures and Zoya Pinta

Past few days were really crazy for me. I was working hard which resulted in three broken nails and i decided to trim them in a new way. So my nail shape is quite different now and if i am honest with you i still don't know if i like it. I guess that time will tell.

Eggplants are not my kind of vegetables (in fact i even hate how they taste) but i adore the colour so i chose a polish that looks just like a purple eggplant. Also, in my opinion, short nails combine better with dark than bright colours. This is two coats of Zoya Pinta with top coat. The original formula is just perfect, although mine became quite sticky, i guess the bottle was not properly closed. If you are a bit more talented than i am you could probably use one coat only.

Now to the pictures. I usually paint my nails in the evening under a light that is not really bright. And i take a picture of my manicure right after it is dry. So i somehow need to use flash. Most of the time pictures are fine and catch the real shade but not with this one. In real it doesn't look so black on the nails, most of the time colour is like in the bottle, true dark purple. Also my hands were a bit shaky, sorry for the blurriness.

This is it for today. I think i am ready to start posting regularly. I plan on showing you my current and also older manicures. In near future i will also explain the blog name, banner design, my polish obsession and well, we'll see! Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 16, 2011

First post, just to try how things work

So. Hello there! This is my very first post that will probably be changed many times so don't bother. Jet! I'm still deciding how big the pictures should be, how many of them should i post... And also i am waiting on my watermark and banner to be finished. When all that is complete i will start posting regularly - but for now i don't really know when it will happen.

Here is one of my spring manicures. Beautiful periwinkle colour with light blue shimmer, that is also visible when no sun is out: Essence Blossoms etc... Forget-Me-Not. This is easy two coats, with my standard top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. I really want this last image to be clickable so you could see it bigger but i'm obviously not smart enough to figure it up. I need to work on this one first. And i figured it out: it is clickable by default. So enjoy!

So thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon!