Saturday, June 11, 2011

Savita goes Euphoric with picture spam

Yesterday i got a package. A really special package from a fellow nail polish lover. There were five beautiful nail polishes inside. And i just had to use two of them immediately.


Amazing right? I started with two coats of Zoya Savita and as i knew i want it to last i also applied top coat. Application, coverage, drying time, brush, colour - everything is perfect with this one! But i wanted more. So i added one thin coat of Liquid Euphoria Euphoric. And was blown away. Seriously, can something more beautiful than this be bottled? The above picture is taken under indirect sunlight.

Now to the picture spam. This one shows so many colours and reflections it is hard to tell. Violet base with duochrome shimmer going from turquoise, to dark and light green, sometimes it even flashes navy blue. I decided to do three collages (they are all clickable). First one is taken in moderate sunlight under different angles right after whole thing was dry. Second one is taken inside, with flash. Third one is taken after one day of wear under strong sunlight.

Do you like this one as much as i do? Frankly i have some troubles understanding how someone is able to give something that amazing away but at the same time i am glad people like this exists! Thank you darling! Oh, i almost forgot - does anyone know where i can get more/other Liquid Euphoria polishes?



  1. Cool combo! Don't forget to share with us your other goodies. ;)

  2. Oh, božansko! Nočem vedeti, kako težko dosegljiv je ... multichromi so res super.

  3. Oh, kako noro lepa kombinacija!!! <3

  4. Liquid Euphoria is a brand which doesn't exist anymore unfortunately :^/
    So you're lucky to own one of it :>

  5. You're so lucky! That is one vhtf rare polish! You did it great justice with a lovely mani & gorgeous pics!!! =) Congrats!