Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carrie is Hard to Resist

I have so much fun doing Essence manicures. They are cheap, durable, easy to fix, lots of shades available, new stuff all the time and even combining names for a title is super fun! Just for the record - i saw the fitting names after i polished my nails.

And here is a fun story. I bought this new Essence Hard to Resist shade (and quite a few others too, i admit) few days ago. Next day i was in a hurry and late for work but still wanted to apply the whole sandwich (two coats of base, two colour, one fast dry top) and decided on skipping the fast dry part, thinking that the manicure is already dry. But it wasn't and i got some bumps and chips very soon. This drives me crazy! So during my lunch brake i went in the nearest store, bought new bottle of the same shade and a fast dry top. While i was waiting at the cash desk i saw a huge container field with old Essence Carrie and Mr. Big, toughed they look cute and bought them too. I added one light coat of glitter and my new top coat - and voila, this is what came out!

And i like it! See how light reflects against this glitter. And how cute the blue shimmer is. All pictures are taken in the late evening sun. Sadly, i had no time earlier that day. I am thinking of using matt top coat over it but haven't decided jet.

Does a chipped manicure drives you crazy too? Or you just don't care? Do you maybe wear a polish bottle in your manicure colour with yourself all the time?

Thanks for reading and for all your comments!


  1. waaaw kaksna lepa kombinacija:) lepe nohte imaŠ:)

  2. No, tako si jaz predstavljam izlet v vesolje. :D Super kombinacija!

  3. Meni je zeloooo všeč. Hard to resist sem pa že vsaj trikrat gledala v drogeriji, pa vsakič sem ga dala nazaj. Kljub temu da se slinim ob swatchih in mi je zelo lepa barva. Naslednjič ga pa res vzamem. Pa zanimiva zgodbica, in se strinjam, če imaš uničeno manikuro, je bolje da je sploh nimaš :)

  4. sarsena kombinacija, mnogo lepo izgleda