Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My first: Pink Wednesday!

This is really not what i have on my nails right now as i am still wearing the Iconic manicure. But i have time (well not really, i should study cause i have my last exam tomorrow, you all know how that avoidance shit works) and i think this pink combination from about a month ago is worth posting. And its wednesday.

Cute right? I used two coats of OPI Flower-To-Flower, one of my favourite pinks. I just love that silver shimmer! Then i dotted black spots on my tips, i believe i used Alessandro 384 for that. With a top coat i sealed the 'design' and rocked the polka french for a few days.

Taken inside, with flash. The middle swatch is from quite a while back, i guess the picture was taken more than half a year ago. I added it because i think it is most colour accurate, this one in seriously pink in real life! I miss my perfect cuticles from that time (note to myself: i seriously need to start moisturizing regularly) but i hate the V shape i wore back then.

Do you like this? How do you use your dotting tools?


  1. Oh yes, very cute! This is a great manicure!
    Hope your exam went well :-)

  2. Uh, ta je pa preveč punčkasta zame. :D Moraš enkrat poskusiti še kombinacijo z mat konicami, to bi še bolj sekalo po moje. :)

  3. Thanks for commenting!

    Hehe exam went well, hope that professor will see that too! =D

    Za mat konice bi morala uporabit salotejp da bi dobila ravno črto. Sem pa malo preveč lena za take podvige. =P