Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Killer combo or killer nails?

So. As you have noticed i don't take this blogging thing really seriously. And because of that i decided i won't promise you anything anymore. I will just post when i will feel like doing it. No pressure on me (or you) so let's just take it easy, right? And today i feel like doing it so put your sunglasses on!

The beginning of this one goes three days back, so yes, it started with a Halloween manicure. I was lazy so i just wore a bright orange on my nails and the rest of my 'costume' was all black. I did 3 coats of OPI Flit a Bit and also used a top coat. Because there was no time for base coat it all started chipping next day so i just fixed everything a bit. Also i added a thin coat of China Glaze Orange Marmalade to hide my not so precise repairing. Loved the result, also got some positive comments about my nails (including when one of my good friends marked my nails as 'real porno nails' - i am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing...sarcasm off). And today i wanted more so i just used Depend Cracked Effect 50007 over the whole thing. I can't wait for tomorrow when i will have to remove all that.

Taken inside, bad lightning, flash, shaky hands - that put together is a recipe for sucky pictures. But i really feel the need to share them. 

How do you like this combo? And the length? Also i have a new more rounded shape. My nails started to roll on the corners when they were filled straight so i just decided to lose the corners and go with more pointy shape.

Have fun until next time!

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  1. Oooo, lej kdo je nazaj! Piši ko lahko, itak! :) Tako je najbolje, če ne se hitro naveličaš. Sicer mi je pa kombinacija NORO všeč, ker je čisto odštekana, res seva. :D
    Oblika nohtov mi ni preveč, ker imam raje kvadratne/quadroval oblike, ampak to je čisto osebna preferenca. Zadnje čase se tudi meni grozljivo cepijo, jih sploh ne morem pustit rast, tako da, če ti pomaga, se drži te oblike!