Monday, September 12, 2011

Cult. Iconic. Perfect. Red. Love.

Today i will show you lots of photos and won't talk much. Pictures really say everything that should be said. First i give you an official description which is true to the last word. Amen.

"ICONIC is a deep berry creme with gorgeous red flakes and hidden gold shimmer throughout. Iconic is destined to become an instant classic." (Cult Nails)

I first polished my nails with a vampy red shade and hated the result. And while i am lazy i tried to save my manicure by layering. I used a polish that impressed me with it's beauty before: Cult Nails Iconic, one coat. Now to the picture spam.

Left side is shade and indirect sunlight, everything else is direct sunlight. My cuticles are still in a bad condition, i know. Sorry for that.

Those pictures are from a month or so back, my nails are shorter, cuticles suck even more. There is no layering, only two pure thin coats of Iconic. I wore this one for 5 days with no chips and minimal tip wear which is like a miracle (at least for my nails)!

Bottle and close-up. Left is shade, right is sun. Lower row are actual nail photos from the layered combination.

How do you like this one? For me it is a favourite already! And about my nails: do they look better short or long? Thanks for reading. Enjoy your week!


  1. Ta je pa huda! Kater vampy lak si dala spodaj? Sem zadnje čase precej v vampy in rdečih odtenkih :)