Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shatter, Graffiti Nails, Cracked Effect... i love them all!

Seriously. I believe that nail polish world divides in two groups. One consists of people that are like me and the other one, well lets call them haters. Why such enthusiasm, you ask? Lets start with that than. But first some pictures of a fun combination. Essence Found My Love (two coats) with Depend Cracked Effect Pink and top coat.

And now i give you 3 reasons. They are put randomly not by importance.

Everybody, and i really mean everybody notice your manicure. Even guys that don't care if your nails are bright pink or neon orange. Even people that usually don't talk with you stop you and comment: 'Hey, how did you do that?'. Even small kids that don't know what manicure is, play with you nails! How cool is that?

You can hide a worn off base polish if it has cracks, chips or white tips! Just put some cracks on and nobody will notice that you have the same manicure for 7 days. Comes in handy when you are in a hurry and don't have time for the whole thing. Also it dries really quickly, you don't even need a top coat.

You have just painted your nails with super cute nail colour that suits everybody. But you. (Does that happen to you too?) You are really angry and want to start from scratch with something different. Don't - you are stressed, you hands start to shake and your next manicure will look even worse. Just apply one coat of suitable crackle to hide the base colour and you are good to go!

Above are some combinations i wore. Top left is OPI Lunch at the Delhi with OPI Black Shatter - here i hate the base colour, it doesn't suit me at all. Bottom left is Zoya Pinta with OPI Silver Shatter - not the best result, i guess that the layer of shatter was too thick. Middle one is my favourite China Glaze 2NITE with  Depend Cracked Effect Blue - the holo effect really comes out nicely in the sun. Top right is Sally Hansen Celeb City with OPI Black Shatter tips with top coat - i didn't use any tape, tips are made free hand. Bottom right is China Glaze Orange Marmalade with IsaDora Graffiti Nails Black Tag - this is one of my first manicures ever from about 8 months ago.

Do you know any other good reasons why to be a fan of cracked manicures? Are you maybe a hater? Please, do comment bellow! And have a great time combining base and top colours. It's fun!


  1. Jaz obožujem crackle efekt, nisem pa največji oboževalec kar jih poznam. :) Če se mi zdi obetavna kombinacija, jo ustvarim, ali pa če me začenja dolgočasit barva ki jo imam na nohtih. Tista z Orange Marmalade zgleda fantasično, moram jo narest enga lepega dne! In še kar mi je taprva manikura noro všeč, pa čeprav je rozast crackle. :D
    Kar se razlogov tiče, mislim, da si jih kar pokrila, vsaj kar se mene tiče. Crackle dam čez, če mi ni všeč base barva ali če se je že naveličam. :)

  2. I like the pink crackling effect that Depend polish creates. I bought that very same Essence lavender polish recently and it's beatiful.

  3. Well i don't really like this lavender base colour, that is also the reason i applied crackle. And in combination also the base colour looks nice...

  4. i really love the cracked effect too and have just recently gone out and bought more of the depend ones, from their summer collection =)