Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prismatic / Holographic finish, my favourite

Today i am really not in the mood for a long post as my last few days were quite busy. Also, i have the same nail polish on from monday, which is very unusual for me! Regularly i change it every two days while it chips very quickly (my nails are weak and thin), but this one sticks on my nails really good. Not even a single chip for four days, only a bit of tip wear. So i am sticking with it for one more day.

But really, why not? The colour is perfect and the holo effect is seriously strong! This is Catherine Arley 677. I only applied one coat, with base and top coat. Nail line is visible in the shade if you look really closely (left side of the first collage), in the sun, holo awesomeness comes out and there is no way you can see trough it! Application was a bit tough while the brush is somehow wonky, otherwise the formula is great!

Also i was able to take sunny pictures. First picture and first collage were both taken in day light (obviously). The second collage are night pictures taken with flash. The holo effect is shown stronger there but under certain angles you can notice the same intensity in the sun too. All in all, i am impressed! Big time.

Which is you favourite prism/holo nail polish? I will try to post mine as soon as possible!


  1. Moj najljubši je O.P.I. DS Glamour, zagotovo. Potem pa še DS Tapestery. In pa Eveline Holografic Shine 401. Holo <3

  2. UuuUuuu, lep je tale :) men je pa OPI DS Extravagance ful lep, pa Nubar Prize in Nubar Absolute ;)

  3. Bjuti bjuti :] Jaz pa uradno še nimam nobenega holota - shame on me! Ampak ko bojo, jih bo ful :P

  4. @Ulmiel izredno zabavno! Napisala si dva laka, ki sta noro lepa in noro draga ker sta HTF. Za 401 bi pa lahko kakšen swatch zrihtala kajne? =)

    @*M* Extravagance je res božanski, Nubarja si bo pa potrebno kakšnega omislit, izgledajo obetavno!

    @S. koliko jih bo bomo pa videli! Saj veš, komplikacije...