Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long post with Daltonista who and first franken

Today i have a ton of things to show you and write about. Lets just start with me explaining my blog name and banner design. Are you ready? Meet Dalton!

Everything is much clearer with just one picture, right? So this is a dog, my dog, to be exact. He is my greatest joy, nail polish comes in second. He is 3 and a half years old pure breed Manchester Terrier named Mantera Dalton with calling name Dalton. I was not the one who named him but i liked the pedigree name so i decided to keep it. I had no idea what it means. But soon people started commenting something about 'Braća Dalton' (that would mean 'Dalton brothers' in translation) so i had to use Google. And yes, if you are a few years older than me you probably remember Luky Luke cartoons and the 4 brothers called The Daltons. I for instance never heard of them before.

But that still doesn't explain the picture of a paw. Read further. We have a unit that is called Dalton (Da) - it has something to do with atomic mass and is used in every single chemistry book i know of. I of course first noticed it only after my dog was named that way. And this unit leads us to a person called John Dalton (the unit is named after him). English chemist, meteorologist and physicist that also (among many other things) discovered colour blindness, sometimes called daltonism in his honour. 

The Daltons, John Dalton, daltonism (source:

And if you put one and one together, you can make sense of my banner and name and its funny meaning in nail polish world. All in all, i have a dog named after a person after whom colour blindness is called. I hope the connection between the name and the dog paw with different black and white nails is obvious. EDIT (additional explanation): daltonista = colour blind woman, is writing a blog about colours, black and white claws is how that woman sees polished nails (paradox?), at the same time name and paw are a 'tribute' to my dog. And i am not colour blind!

(Side note: And we have more. Clive Owen as Dalton Russell in Inside Man, Jesse and Festus wrestling team, The Dalton Brothers band, American Old West gang, British actor that i know from series Chuck, Moon crater and about 20 places.)

Now back to the polish part of this post. On the pictures of my dog - that were taken yesterday - you can also see my toes. I am wearing my first ever franken polish called Teenage Dream (very original, i know). The above manicure is from some time back. This is two coats with top coat. Bottom left is comparison with OPI DS Reflection. Top right are the ingredients: Sally Hansen Hot Magenta, H&M Hot Minnie and S-He 427.

I warned you that this entry will be long. Hope you enjoyed it anyway!


  1. No, jaz sem imela 2 verziji za razlago imena tvojga pska :

    1) pač rodovniško ime. end of story.
    2) si dost brihtna da si povezala barvno slepoto in psa, glede na to da so psi barvno slepi (vsaj kokr js vem :P)

  2. Amm mislim da si malo narobe razumela ali pa je čudno napisano - bi verjetno morala še kakšen stavek dodat...Point je v tem da je nail polish freak težko nekdo, ki je barvno slep, hkrati pa je ime in slika tace s črno belimi nohti poklon mojemu psu. Pač paradoks ali kako bi se reklo. Torej daltonista (barvno slepa ženska) piše blog o barvnih lakih...

  3. Luškan kuža! =)
    Lakec je pa sploh krasen (se vidi, da še zdaleč nisi barvno slepa, hihi! ;D)

  4. Neeee :P to mi je padlo na pamet lani, ko sem zvedla da je tvojmu psku ime Dalton. Ni imelo nič veze z laki :P

  5. Lušten pes! (še ena pasjeljubka tukaj, hehe). Manchesterski terier pa ni prav pogosta pasma, če se ne motim? Celo za Finsko piše, da jih ni prav veliko - in Finci imajo v primerjavi s Slovenci precej bolj raznolike pasme kužkov. Drugače menda obstaja tudi lak posebej za pasje krempeljce, ampak tisto se mi zdi precej strašljivo. :D